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All of my recent work can be found at This site is a collaboration between two people that purse bold style to create Indelible Couture.   Advertisements

Collage Life part 2

There is never a bad time to have a ‘me moment’. Hobbies are the perfect stress solutions, so take a moment and think yours. Going for a walk? Painting your nails? Opening and closing the fridge? They count. I, for instance, love to collage. Cutting apart a bigger picture and assembling my own paper Frankenstein … Continue reading

Wake Up in Oaxaca

So many exotic location, so little time. No matter, the next time you travel just enjoy it. A place I love to visit is a little time capsule in Mexico, I am talking about the state of Oaxaca. Oaxaca holds on tight to tradition. Take a walk around the historical center and you will find gorgeous … Continue reading

Hallow Streets

Street art comes too often in the form of tagged walls and benches. It is a shame to see a wall soiled by scribbled names, no passion in what they are commemorating at all. But not all spray painted walls are trash. Some are actually well designed and even planned out. Here are a few … Continue reading

The Time Warp

A weekly costume party for a 1920’s speak easy? yes please! The 515 Kitchen & Cocktails  in downtown Santa Cruz  hosts a 1920’s night every Monday. This caught my interest because costumes are encouraged. Sadly I did not get any pictures, but people really go all out. I kept it simple with a loose fitting … Continue reading

A Collage Life

Art right? It’s cool. My contributions to the art world are few and far apart, but I plan to change that. Nothing beats flipping through a magazine, finding awe worthy images, cutting them out and throwing them all together. And that is what I have been doing all this time.  Much more to come soon.

Eye Candy

How do you keep your eyes healthy? Easily. Do not rub eyes when irritated, you just may scratch your cornea so keep eye drops handy. Wear sunglasses even if its cloudy outside, the sun is reflected on many surfaces. And keep your eyes free from oils and dirt, because your eyes will thank you. If … Continue reading

Feeling Disconnected? Advertise it.

Have you seen the prices for internet installations? In case you haven’t experienced the joy of comparing the prices of internet providers, both ends of the spectrum make you think twice about how much you ”really really’ need” it. Weeks ago I was faced with this dilemma. I could not afford the outrageous installation fees, … Continue reading

Literally In and Out

Unlike the burger chain, you know the one, Tacos Moreno delivers on the meaning of fast food. I had the privilege of ordering my food and having it delivered to me in the time span of three minutes; to be clear taking my order, charging me for the order, and serving my order all took … Continue reading

Avocado Face Mask at Home

Unless you have never failed your skin care routine and drink plenty of water, or have amazing genes, your skin could use some touching up. It’s alright, it happens to everyone. Despite your skin type (oily, dry, sensitive, etc.) blemishes can put a dark cloud over your day. This is not 100% preventable, but you … Continue reading

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