National Margarita Day Any Day

Yes, Margarita Day was yesterday but since when is there a restriction on drinking a margarita? Any day is a good day to have one, especially if you make it yourself.

The best Margarita I have ever had was at El Pollo Rico in Carbondale, Colorado. It was so good I had to ask the hostess what was in it, and she was sweet enough to give me the recipe; units of measurement not included, but that is half the fun when mixing a cocktail. And the hostess was insistent on using only Cazadores Tequila; I tried a substitute and it came out just awful.

You will need:

2 Limes

2 Oranges

Agave Nectar

Cazadores Tequila

Margarita Salt (optional)

Using a lime moisten the rim of your Margarita glass and cover it in the salt; this step is optional, but it adds to the flare of a Margarita (and looks more appetizing). Squeeze and mix the lime and orange juice (be sure to take the seeds out). Add a tablespoon of Agave Nectar and mix well.

Add a shot of Cazadores Tequila, mix, fiesta!

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